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My experience

As the semester comes to and end i begin to realize how useful all social media platforms are. It’s not just about sharing whats going on in your life, but its about catering what you have to say to your audience. Blogging has helped me understand this and appreciate it. I learned that putting out good entertaining information is key to any good blogger. In my case, i found that using Soundcloud was perfect for any blog about music. In the future I plan on continuing my blogging and may even take it further by vloging. I now know how to create a label for my self and will use this to my advantage in the professional world.
For a direct link to my soundcloud click the photo above ^
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Bingo players, DJ Maarten is expecting a new member to his family

Bingo players has had an emotional past few months, after Paul died from cancer a few months ago only half of bingo players remains. Rumors are speculating that Maarten will name the child after Paul if it is a boy. Due to Maartens expected child, he has had to cancel his upcoming show in Las Vegas, but dont worry Steve Aoki will replace Bingo Players.
To listen to Bingo Players soundcloud click the photo above^

Caked up @ The Marc in San Marcos

I got to give dj vegas banger my caked up perler necklace! And you can see me in the front row right under oscar wylde . it was a wild night filled with twerking, popping champaign bottles into the crowd and free redbull.
To listen to some Caked up just click the photo above^

Police: Guard Crushed At Ultra Showing Slight Improvement

Its a shame that this happened, us ravers need to keep the plur in EDM, and not violence like this.

CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) ‚ÄĒ ¬†A female security guard, trampled while trying to¬†to stop ¬†a group ¬†trying to get into Ultra, is showing ‚Äúslight improvement‚ÄĚ, according to City of Miami Police.

Erica Mack, 28, is still in critical condition but was breathing on her own  on Sunday.

According to Miami Police, she was working for Ultra  on Friday when she was trampled while trying to stop  a group who stormed a fence to get inside the event.

The people who stormed the fence at Southeast 1st Street and Biscayne Boulevard were trying to crash the event since they did not have tickets, according to our news partners the Miami Herald.

Paramedics rushed her to the hospital. They said the situation could have been prevented if people entered Ultra the way they were supposed to.

According to the paper, she suffered severe brain hemorrhaging.

Miami’s homicide unit are looking for anyone who may have witnessed the incident.


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