Monthly Archives: February 2014

So Doge. much amaze.

I made this doge perler for my best friend (he is in love with the dge meme) last night and i plan on making it into a necklace. If you guys wanna make one the pattern can be found at the link bellow.


Kandi trade app idea

Ravers and kandi kids are always itching to meet new ravers that share the same passion for EDM as they do. With this app you can find people in your area ( or at the same rave as you) and trade kandi with them! This is a great way to meet new people with the same interests as you!

UME 2014 South Padre Island

In only 15 days until UME, this will be my first music fest and I plan on going out with a bang. This will be the first time seeing any of these incredible artist, reviews and pictures will be uploaded as soon as I get back from my trip! Remember to rave safe and spread PLUR always<3